Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rome…no, Civitavecchia

We had planned to spend the day in Rome. The ship docks in Civitavecchia and we were going to take the train to Rome because the ship charges $99/person for a bus ride in and out of the city. Night before we dock we are informed of a train strike. Most of the tours were already booked so we decided against traveling to Rome for just a few hours. We really didn’t know what to expect in Civitavecchia and were quite please when we stumbled upon an open market. Here we go again…FOOD. Had a great lunch with mom and dad, it was their anniversary and then did a bit of exploring. We also found a Phillipino market were the cruise staff go to call home (a few cents a minute) and use the internet (3 euros for an hour, compared to $100 the ship charges for 3 hours). Next stop…Barcelona.